Procedural Shorts
ACP's Procedural Shorts are a dynamic collection of educational activities that provide hands-on learning and interactive self-study. Learn office-based procedures, refine interpretive skills, and update physical examination skills in a unique, small-group learning environment.
Advanced Airway Techniques
Ankle-Brachial Index by Doppler
Arthrocentesis and Bursal Injection
Cryosurgery Basics
Incision and Drainage of Abscesses
Lumbar Puncture
PICC Line Insertion Procedure Video
  • Session#: 881
  • Session Length: 14 Procedural Shorts
Skin Biopsy Techniques
Soft Tissue Injections
  • Presenter(s): Stephen Miller MD, FACP
  • Session#: 881-09
  • Session Length: 12 minutes
  • Program: Waxman Clinical Skills
Suturing Skills - Advanced (part 1)
Suturing Skills - Advanced (part 2)